Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'd like to claim that we made pink pasta in honor of breast cancer awareness this month, but it was really just an excuse to use the beets that I bought with too much enthusiasm and not enough planning!  

Pintu thoroughly enjoyed mixing this in the food processor and cutting the strips. He could not stop exclaiming about how much he loved the color.  Unfortunately that beautifully saturated, almost-magenta dough turned into a pale and fleshy pink after being cooked!  But it still tasted good enough for P to request it for lunch tomorrow.

Carefully cutting strips
Laying them on our makeshift drying rack until we have enough to go in the pot

After dinner, P tried to claim all the credit, saying that the meals I cook without his help are just OK but when he helps, they become super delicious!  A couple more years and that might actually be true!

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  1. Perfect! Pintu and pink pasta on pink blog page! I love how busy he is hanging those pasta strips!

    what is next? something green? let more colours keep coming!